Senior leadership team

Senior leadership team

Mike Bell

Chief Innovation Officer

Mike Bell is a commercially-focused technology leader with over 20 years’ business, product and transformation experience. Recent positions include Chief Technology Officer for Laird plc, SVP IoT & Devices for Canonical Ltd and, Connected Car & Infotainment Director for Jaguar Land Rover. He has proven ability to balance strategic direction and revenue generation with pragmatic delivery. Experience of leading sales & marketing, technology, engineering and programme delivery within North America, China, Europe, Russia and Asia Pacific in multiple industry verticals: automotive, electronics, utilities, healthcare, and oil & gas. He has a BSc and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Liverpool.

Andrew Atkins

Global Technical Lead & Senior Technologist

From Manchester University, Andrew holds degrees in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Management. His experiences include project management and product life cycle development, coupled with numerous patented technologies and processes taken to commercialization. His technical partnerships developed during his career have extended throughout the supply chain and have provided distinct commercial value through the delivery of innovative technology solutions in a broad range of technical areas, such as power system designs, command and control systems on submarines and MRI systems. After positions at Bowthorpe and Siemens Magnet Technology, Andrew joined Ricardo in 2007, and is now continuing his role in bringing critical technology to market with Ricardo Innovations.

Simon Edwards

Global Director Technology​

Simon graduated in Automotive Engineering and Design and completed his doctorate in engine tribology. His career to date has centred on vehicle development with a specialization in powertrains. Between 1993 and 2006 he worked for Ricardo, on engines development and research projects in both the UK and Germany. In July 2012, he rejoined Ricardo, and now Innovations, where he is responsible for the collaborative research portfolio of the company. Outside of Ricardo, Simon has held positions at Behr and LeylandDAF Trucks. He has also held a variety of positions at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in the UK,  and been a visiting lecturer and continuing member of the Technical Advisory Board for the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Simon is currently Chairman of the European Automotive Research Partners Association.

Nick Royal

New Business Manager

Nick joined Ricardo Innovations in 2016 and is responsible for ensuring technology research programmes are aligned with the strategic objectives of our business partners. Nick manages direct client engagements and ensures our research programmes are communicated effectively to our customers. Prior to joining Ricardo, Nick worked for 10 years in global power generation fulfilling a variety of technical and commercial roles delivering open cycle and combined heat and power plant to European industrial, and oil and gas clients. Most recently Nick worked for a globally recognised heavy duty marine engine supplier where he managed their aftermarket support sales team as part of the leadership team. Nick graduated Southampton University with a degree in Aerospace Engineering.

Andy Ward

Head of Global Engines R&D​

Andy’s career at Ricardo began in 1994 as he graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. His passion for the development of engines that are cleaner, quieter and more efficient, whilst maintaining their edge on the road, has led him through a variety of projects, from three-wheeled automobiles and passenger cars to heavy duty trucks and large power generation engines. Outside of Ricardo Innovations, Andy maintains a role as trustee of the Ricardo Pension Scheme.

Jonathan Wheals

Global Technical Lead & Senior Technologist​

In 2014, Jon was involved in the formation of Ricardo Innovations, building on his existing experience and career with Ricardo. He joined the company in 1999 and has spent more than a decade devising and developing technologies associated with geared systems, transmission actuation, driveline and chassis dynamics, passenger car hybrids, flywheel systems, military drivelines, wind turbine technologies, and synthesis and selection of complex systems, most recently applied to hybrid drivelines. In 2011, Jon was appointed a visiting professor at the University of Sheffield, specialising in early machine prognostics and reliability solutions, particularly focused on bearings, where he now also heads a Ricardo technical centre. Prior to Ricardo, Jon worked as a researcher and at Land Rover Concepts. Jon graduated from Loughborough University and holds degrees in both Aero and Automotive Engineering.