5StarS addresses the increased threat from cyber security with the proliferation of connected and autonomous road vehicles. The consortium, which partners Ricardo with HORIBA MIRA, Roke, Thatcham Research and Axillium Research, will develop a 5-star type consumer rating framework, analogous to existing Euro NCAP vehicle safety ratings. This will give UK consumers transparency and understanding around a car’s potential cyber security risk.

Customer Benefit

Cyber security is critical to ensuring consumer trust - a significant barrier to adoption of CAV’s (connected autonomous vehicles). The automotive industry currently lacks standards throughout the vehicle supply chain upon which consumers can build this trust. The consumer rating framework provided by 5StarS will independently asses the cyber security of new vehicles, clarifying risk for the insurance industry, and enabling OEMS, consumers, and the supply chain to have confidence and trust in critical CAV technology. The standard will also support improved design in the industry by identifying gaps in the cyber engineering of a product. By providing a clear standard to achieve beforehand, the development of new technology and products accelerates as the 5StarS framework provides common targets against which competing manufactures can innovate to produce the optimum solution to achieve a common 5Star rating.


The project will research and develop a product assurance methodology for CAV products that ensures that resulting CAV technologies achieve cyber security robustness and resilience, and are trusted by manufacturers and consumers.

Ricardo’s responsibility is to develop a cyber security design assurance framework to ensure that CAV components, systems and vehicles have been designed according to the latest cyber security standards, and ensure their robustness and resilience against potential cyber security threats.