CT & T

CT & T


Combustion Tools & Techniques (CTT) is an ongoing development of the Ricardo combustion system toolset in order to maintain a competitive position within in a wide and varied market. The project seeks to identify gaps and implement actions to address these, as well as maintaining internal expertise in the domain and applying thought leadership to technology and process acquisition.

Customer Benefit

The drive to produce “cleaner” engines is more pronounced than ever. Consequently, the ability to develop efficient combustion systems concepts and test in a virtual environment is very valuable for the tight engineering timescales of our customers. The complex phenomena underpinning combustion requires careful utilisation of computational effort and we must ensure we keep pace with advancement in hardware, software and academic research and pass on the benefits to our customers.


The project is focused on a few specific areas currently, as well as conducting a domain survey to define longer term requirements. The current topics of interest are:

  • Developing a process to enable intelligent automated selection of spray model constants / parameters to enable truly predictive simulation
  • Evaluation of current 3D CFD tools and models for truly predictive in-cylinder emissions calculations
  • Study into Quasi-Dimension (fast) combustion / knock models


Please get in touch at innovations@ricardo.com for more information about this project.