ULTRAN (Ultra-Lightweight Transmission and Driveline Research Project) is collaborative project partially funded by Innovate UK. The project is led by Jaguar Land Rover in a consortium including Ricardo, Tata Steel, Lubrizol, GRM Consulting Ltd, American Axle Manufacturing and the Universities of Southampton, Newcastle and Warwick.

Customer Benefit

The project is evaluating and demonstrating a wide range of lightweight driveline technologies using the latest generation Range Rover as the baseline for the research. ULTRAN aims to accelerate cost-effective lightweight drivetrain technologies in order to reduce the powertrain weight of future vehicles, improve vehicle performance, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and deliver cost savings to customers.


Ricardo’s design is 24% lighter than a current production unit and considerably more compact. The unit has revised internals within a compact, single-piece skeletal casing with tough, lightweight plastic covers. Beyond designing the ultra-lightweight rear-drive unit, Ricardo has also manufactured prototypes of the unit for both rig- and vehicle-based testing and evaluation to confirm durability and anticipated carbon dioxide impact, and to eliminate vibration modes.



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