With increasing pressure to reduce time to market for powertrain, drivetrain and vehicle Model Year projects coupled with ever higher customer expectations for reliability, a toolset was needed to produce efficient design validation plans. VITAL (Validating Intelligently Through Accelerated Life) aims to fill this gap by applying a deep understanding of failure modes and damage accumulation to the validation process. Using this understanding with Weibull life modelling, validation plans can be created by focusing development effort on highlighted risk areas whilst reducing unnecessary testing.

In combination with Ricardo’s strong failure mode avoidance methodologies, the toolset will ensure expensive development testing is focused on increasing confidence at product release whilst keeping development cost and duration to a safe minimum.

Customer Benefit

This intelligent validation not only increases product release confidence but also provides a better understanding of future warranty costs and where potential risks lie.

A secondary benefit of approaching validation in this way means that unnecessary testing can be reduced, whether it be by reducing the total number of test cycles to be completed, the number of shaft hours or the total number of engines to be tested.


The primary technology which allows this approach to be taken is the use of damage models which describe how damage is accumulated. Applying this understanding with life modelling using the Weibull distribution allows for statistical confidence to be demonstrated during the validation phase.


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